Through the several months I spent working with Yasmina, she became not only a coach to me but also my friend. She has an amazing ability to understand the person that she is coaching and adapt to their needs. She has always been very understanding and always willing to help others, even if it did not benefit her. Yasmina would not only help me set my goals for the future, but she also cared enough to check up on my progress with me to make sure I was on path to achieving my goals. Everyone in our team would look up to Yasmina in times of need as she has always demonstrated and incredible strength in times of need and an ability to solve problems.

Mariam Nasrullah

I met Yasmina a few months back and was very fortunate to have her as a mentor. She guided me through a lot of obstacles and believed in me more than anyone has ever believed in me. Yasmina has this ability to understand you and give you the best advice she feels is fit for the situation. Not only was she training me to be successful professionally but she was coaching me to be my best self mentally. With the positivity that radiates off of her she can turn your negative mentality into a winners mentality. With no hesitation she would help me with anything I needed for work and  she went out of her way to make sure I was doing well and had everything I needed, I never have to worry about struggling because I know I always have her to count on. She’s a hard working, motivated, talented, and very educated individual. Her drive and passion for life itself is inspirational, and I am forever grateful for meeting her.

Kiani Cruzada

Working with Yas has taught me so much about both myself and the world. She has such a passion for helping others and she truly inspired me to see the world differently. I feel like I had a very pessimistic mindset before she came into my life, but now I view everything in a different light. She is a beacon of hope and optimism & taught me to look at every glass as half full, instead of half empty. She radiates positivity and I feel honored to have had the chance to work with her!

Amber Rigsby


Ms. Benslimane was chosen to collaborate in this program due to her high standards and values, her professionalism and dedication. At the same time, she has demonstrated mastery of the group and the ability to generate empathy and convey knowledge.

Mónica Paniagua, Program Coordinator

Yasmina worked diligently to interview migrants from various countries in Africa whose final destination was either Central or North America.Yasmina was thorough, self-motivated and warm during her interviews and diligent in her note taking and preparation of the biographies. She was a valuable member of the research team and I would recommend her to any position where her many talents could be put to good use.

Kim Wilson, Research Study
The Fletcher School, Tufts UniversitY

Yasmina was a dedicated and meticulous student who demonstrated continual growth. She had an excellent record in working on different projects during her studies at UPEACE. Throughout the year, Yasmina also demonstrated strong leadership and multicultural skills. She was an active member of the Students Council at UPEACE and was chosen by her peers as the representative for her programme. Based on my interactions and academic engagements with Yasmina, I have no hesitation in strongly recommending her for further academic and professional opportunities. I am confident that she will succeed.

Dr. Mihir Kanade, Head of Department International Law
Director Human Rights Centre, UPEACE

Yasmina Benslimane is one of our finest seniors this year; she is at the centre of an enthusiastic and high achieving group of students. I have always found her written work to be thoughtful and engaging, but, in her latest essays, she is truly excelling in displaying her fine analytical abilities. One of the most exciting aspects about Yasmina’s approach to studying is her keenness and ability to develop unexpected connections. She is an original thinker and an ambitious, self- driven individual. She has written a number of research essays on issues related to international security and human rights, particularly women’s rights. She has also developed an interest and profile in Middle East and North African studies, in particular related to issues of counter- terrorism and human rights, the rights of refugees.

Simona Rentea, PhD., Associate Professor Program in International Relations
Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus

Benslimane speaks openly about her interest in politics, calling it part of the “struggle for a better world.” Indeed, although she speaks with the measured fluidity of a diplomat, her commitment and enthusiasm feel genuine. Her inclination to engage her critics in discussions of gender issues is, in itself, formidable; but she is also a rare person with the linguistic dexterity to do so. Born in Morocco, she grew up speaking Moroccan Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, and French; her undergraduate and postgraduate coursework have been in Spain and Costa Rica; and she spoke to Morocco World News in her flawless English.

Sarah Goodman, Journalist, Morocco World News
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